• Posted on: 11 October 2017
  • By: Craig

We are all getting inundated with the constant stream from the news media(I use this term very loosely) reports about the horrific evil perpetrated on innocents gathered to listen to country music in Las Vegas. We have only the basic facts, which seem to be changing daily, so fact is a relative term right now. The really disappointing thing is that the gun control crowd, never ones to let a crisis go to waste were all clamoring for all sorts of Draconion measures to be taken, before the poor victims had even been assisted. None of which would have kept this villain from visiting his evil upon these innocent people. All gun people realize that it's not really about gun control, it's about control. They think you can legislate evil out of existence which we all know you cannot. The big focus right now is on full-auto fire or that is what the news media is calling it. Modern sporting rifles or the AR-15 specifically are semi-auto firearms. The can only fire one round with each pull of the trigger. The mechanisms that can be added to the AR-15 called "Bump Stocks" or "Slide Fire" stocks do not alter the firearm and make it "full-auto" or a machine gun! What they do is allow a person to mechanically pull the trigger of the rifle faster, while still only firing one round per pull of the trigger. The same fast firing can be accommodated in many other ways. The main thing that people not educated in firearms use don't understand is that full-auto fire or anything that simulates full-auto fire is an inherently innaccurate form of firepower. The fact is that if this madman had used the same rifle with a scope and aimed fire, the death toll would have increased substantially and the wounded rate would have decreased as well, so thank God he did not! Let's all keep a level head and realize that evil sadly exists in our society and we cannot regulate it with any new law, as murder is already illegal, yet people unfortunately still do it regularly. Maybe we should spend this much time and effort at making mental health more of an issue and how to address it, since the gun control crowd minimizes this issue on a regular basis. Perhaps we should be addressing the gang violence so rampant in our streets today. Since they have absolutely no motive for this heinous crime yet, we don't know if it is tied to terrorism or anything else. All we know is that the media sadly still operates on the basic guideline, if it bleeds, it leads. Let's not let that cloud the issue, just to make it hard on the majority of us law abiding citizens. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this senseless act of evil in Las Vegas. This tragedy shouldn't be used as the springboard for those who want to take away our rights. More guns = more safety and that is a statistical fact! Vaya Con Dios.