Close quarters battle and the right to personal protection.

  • Posted on: 14 May 2016
  • By: Craig

Many of us have taken steps to obtain a firearm, learn to use the gun, maybe even obtain the credentials to carry a gun for personal protection in the form of a concealed carry license. How many have taken any further training in the form of proper tactics for an armed confrontation? How many even practice regularly to become proficient with the gun they carry for protection? I venture to say that the number is relatively small in comparison to the number of concealed carry permits out there. Concealed carry classes may cover the law surrounding the use of lethal force in the areas they certify people, but they really don't teach firearms proficiency. There are no tactical explanations in the lethal use of force either. More than 25 years ago, a Sergeant at the time, with the Salt Lake City Police Department by the name of Dennis Teuller determined that an attacker with a knife could cover the distance of 21 feet(7yards) in appoximately 1.5 seconds. There have been many debates that have arisen from these experiments. One is that a person couldn't draw and fire their weapon accurately in the time it took an assailant to cover that distance and inflict a mortal wound. There are many variations of the Teuller drill. One is have a person start at 21 feet parallel to the shooter facing a target. At the start signal the runner runs toward the shooter, crossing in back of them and taps them on the back while running past. The shooter tries to draw his firearm and place a properly placed shot on the target before being tapped on the back by the shooter running by. Drills of this type are for advanced practitioners of small arms weaponcraft. Show Me Shooters isn't recommending this drill to anyone and discourages anyone trying this without proper supervision by skilled trainers. In other words, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! It is amazing that someone with a deadly weapon can close such a distance that quickly. Recent experiments have shown that the distance could be even greater for certain highly motivated or physically fit individuals. So what is the take-away from these studies? Does this mean just becasue someone has a knife or other deadly weapon you can just shoot them at 21 feet or more? The answer is a resounding NO. The person in a confrontation much have a weapon capable of inflicting a mortal wound, the ability to use said weapon and the intent to inflict a mortal wound. Just because they are holding a pipe wrench or knife at 21 feet isn't justification for lethal force. If they threaten to kill you while holding a knife and running toward you, all of those criteria have been met and it's time to react. I plan on presenting regular topics of interest on modern day weaponcraft and personal protection on our website. Until next time, stay in condition yellow and watch your six.