Nine Things for New Shooters and the Need for Training

  • Posted on: 31 January 2016
  • By: showmeadmin
Man drawing his concealed carry

I was reading a really interesting article the other day Nine Things New Shooters (and Concealed Carry Permit Holders) Need To Know About Training. One of the most interesting lines from the article was...

“students who attend my range courses that have read and gone through my completed one of my programs tell me across the board that they were missing something that they could not get from the book or DVD.   It’s not that they did not like my material, just that I gave them a different depth of feedback when they trained in person with me.  I try to take at least one course per year myself, and recommend you do the same.“

That's when it occurred to me... driving is pretty simple. If you've been doing it consistently for more than a year, it's almost second nature. But... do you remember how hard it was when you were first learning? To be honest, that parallel parking is still tricky.

Shooting is one of those things that seems so simple too. And yes, pointing a gun and pulling the trigger is pretty simple... in a controlled situation at a short distance with a gun you know. But, when the moment comes, it may not be so controlled. That's why you need training. Because when you're literally wielding the powers of life and death on your hip, it's no time to go off half-cocked. Get some training. If it's been more than a year, it's time for a refresher if for no other reason than to keep abreast of the changing laws. Call us and schedule your next step.