Show Me Shooters Black Friday Sale

  • Posted on: 21 November 2018
  • By: Craig

***Show Me Shooters Hours for the rest of the week of Thanksgiving are as follows; Today Weds. Open until 6 PM, Thanksgiving Day, Closed Black Friday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, starting Saturday 11/24 regulars hours***

We don't know why they keep call it a Black Friday Sale. We think it should be called a "Green Friday Sale" because we are selling things to keep a bunch of "Green" in your pocket! It's a long list so Pay Attention;

Franchi Sale:

Instinct SL Shotguns 12 and 20 Gauge $1,199.00/ea.

Instinct L Shotguns 12 Gauge $999.00/ea, 410 Gauge $1,175.00/ea.

Affinity Walnut Shotguns 12 and 20 Gauge $749/ea.

Affinity Synthetic Shotgun 12 Gauge $649/ea.

Affinity Max 5 Shotgun 12 Gauge $699.00/ea.

Benelli M2 Shotgun Synthetic 20 Gauge $1,199.00/ea.

Stoeger Coach Gun Shotgun .410 $399.00/ea.

CZ 750 Sniper Rifle .308 Win. Black Synthetic $1,699.00/ea.

Marlin 1894CB .45 Colt $925.00/ea.

Uberti 1873 HOB .45 Colt $1,029.00/ea.

Uberti 1866 Yellow Boy Flatside Limited Edition $1,349.00/ea.

AR-15 Pistol, Springfield Saint 5.56 Nato $869.00/ea.

CZ 805 Bren .223 Rem $1,569.00/ea.

Beretta M9 A3 9mm Pistol w/Kit $949.00/ea.




Uberti 1875 No.3-2nd Model Revolver Nickel Finish 7" Barrel, beautiful $1,249.00/ea.

Original Winchester 1894 Octagon Barrel .38-55 caliber $2,375.00/ea.

Mossberg Patriot .270 Win. w/Scope & Sling $419.00/ea.

Winchester Model 70 Synthetic .30-06 Spfd. w/Scope and Sling $549.00

Spike's Tactical ST-15 Pistol Just Built 5.56 Nato $1,149.00/ea.

Spike's Tactical AR-9 Pistol Just Built $1,249.00/ea.

Spike's Tactical ST-9G Pistol Just Built $1,299.00/ea.

Spike's Tactical ST-15 .224 Valkyrie, 1-4 Iluminated Scope, Bipod, Muzzle Brake, S/S Barrel, Target Grip and Stock Just Built $1,349.00/ea.

Aero Precison AR-10 M5 6.5 Creedmore S/S Barrel, Muzzle Brake, Bipod, Trijicon 5-20 x 50 Scope $2,449.00/ea.

Sig P229 Police Trade-In Pistols .40 S&W $499.00/ea.


*We will have several other specials in-store including ammo, range accessories etc.

**We reserve the right to limit quanities, add or subtract items from this special and correct any errors that may have occured in this ad special.